Welcome…to the new release of CO2manager We’ve just had a makeover…as part of a significant investment to ensure that CO2manager¬†can be your energy and carbon workstream management tool, we have made the following changes:

  • Changed our hosting environment to provide a more secure hosting (with SSL) with greater redundancy. Our hosting is provided by Amazon Web Services.
  • Upgraded the “modules” to include a wider scope of the industry, with the addition of CCAs, EU ETS, GHG Reporting, ESOS and ISO50001
  • Improved the functionality/fields available on the existing Portfolio, Manage and Measure modules
  • Completed redesign of the interface to allow easier navigation through this document/workload management tool
  • Expanded where the “Issues” and “Evidence” parts of the tool can be used, to allow you to document your work programmes as they happen and afterwards.
  • Added a “news” function to allow communication of key points within a company of things that people should be aware of around energy and carbon management
  • Added the ability to log emissions data (reporting on this will follow in our roadmap)
  • Created a helpdesk to support the use of the site, hosted at
  • Significantly improved the Audit Trail, every field change is logged, with who, when and what was changed saved as well

CO2manager on your desktop


CO2manager is a modular, online tool which allows you to manage your non-consumption information relating to your energy and carbon management. With modules covering energy conservation, CRC, CCAs, EU ETS, GHG/MCR, ESOS, and ISO50001 it provides a comprehensive record keeping and work stream management tool.

Our service offering covers:

  • CO2manager, our SaaS solution for your energy and carbon record keeping


CO2manager is a modular, online tool which allows you to manage your non-consumption information relating to your energy and carbon projects. The intuitive platform allows you to manage your estate and asset lists in one location.

With a standard set up of CO2manager you can:

  • Compile, manage and audit your compliance evidence pack
  • Manage your emissions inventory
  • Keep a complete and up to date record of your organisational structure, including, subsidiaries and their portfolio¬†supplies and meter records
  • Record issues against an organisation, report, project, meter or site
  • Version control (easy to identify who has made changes to your documentation and when.)

Dependent upon your level of requirement you can add as optional extras (your specific requirements are listed under Service Specification):

  • CRC
  • CCAs
  • EU ETS
  • ESOS
  • ISO50001


  • List of users
  • Details of your organisational structure
  • Details of sites and supplies (if not already held on our systems)
  • Details of schemes your organisation is participating in
  • Additional information may be required dependent upon optional extra choices
  • Any evidence pack migrations that we agree with you

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