At Energise, we believe that business should be a force for good. Whether it’s through creating services that help businesses address their environmental impact, purchasing goods and services that support environmental and social justice, or by creating a working culture that maximises our employees’ wellbeing, we’re using our collective power to do more good. Everything is designed, purchased and incorporated with people and planet playing at least an equal role alongside profit.

Internally, we refer to it as our Pathway to Greatness, our step by step map that identifies where we are versus where we want to end up, under each of our 5 pillars: Finance, People, Delivery, Sales and Quality. Each year, we map out which new policies and initiatives we’re going to incorporate within our working practices to take us even closer to greatness. We’re already proud of how much we do, but we know you can always do more.

That’s why we’re delighted to declare our commitment to gaining B Corp Certification, a public recognition of our leadership in environmental and social arenas.

Read more below about the actions we’re commitment to taking now and over the next few years.


These are the measures that we’ve already adopted to support people and planet:

  • All company vehicles are hybrid
  • Prioritisation of using public transport over private cars
  • All purchased electricity from 100% renewable sources
  • All paper products from FSC certified sources
  • Toilet paper manufactured from sustainable bamboo sources
  • Hand soaps made from all natural ingredients
  • Over 50% of management team and Board are female
  • Equal oppotunities policy applicable to recruitment and employment
  • 13 weeks’ fully paid maternity leave followed by SMP for remaining qualifying period
  • 4 weeks’ fully paid paternity leave
  • 10 days’ fully paid sick leave, with SSP + £100 per week if signed off by a GP
  • Matched pension contributions of up to 5%, 66% above minimum requirements


These are the measures we already have planned for implementation over the next few years (keep watching…the list will grow!):

  • Installation of an EVCP in 2020
  • All company vehicles to be electric or PHEV by end of 2022
  • Plan for eliminating single use plastic by end 2020, with full adoption by end 2021
  • Move to chlorine-free paper products from 2020
  • Switch cleaning products to environmentally friendly ones by end 2020
  • Solar PV on head office in 2020

We recognise that we’re still early on our journey to creating a business that’s doing everything in its power to support the wellbeing of people and planet, and we’re excited about new measures that we can introduce over the coming years. 

If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Comment below or send us an email at info@energise.com.